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This page lists the articles which I have written on a variety of topics.


(January 1, 2017) Why AES is Secure - An explanation of how AES is designed and why it’s secure, for people with some knowledge of computers.


(November 27, 2014) Introduction to Haskell - A brief introduction to Haskell, for intermediate programmers who have worked in an imperative programming language before.

Design of Blog

The design of this blog was intended to be minimalist, while being very readable and following responsive design principles. The general look and feel of the blog is inspired by Mike Bostock’s website.

The content of the blog is generated by Hakyll, a static site generator written in Haskell which allows for great flexibility in the rendering of pages.

The math equations are written in LaTeX and rendered by KaTeX. The commenting system is Talkyard which uses various ideas from Discourse and allows a fair bit of flexibility in the way comments are hosted.

The source of the website is available on GitHub at blog-src. The generated blog can be viewed at blog and is built by Travis CI on each commit to the source repository.